Auto-Roller 747 - 6 Berth

  • 6 Berth Motorhome

  • Reversing Camera

  • Bathroom & Shower

Auto-Roller 747 - 6 Berth Motorhome

Choose the Auto-Roller 747 for memorable trips away with the family; this spacious motorhome hosts plenty of room for games nights or eating in comfort. With Lara soft furnishings providing the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the moment, the 747 keeps family at the heart of the design. Including a well-equipped kitchen featuring a three-burner hob and gas oven, it’s the perfect space for a feast; there’s nothing to hold you back from cooking up a storm.

The Auto-Roller 747 is equipped with a whole host of features, including a reversing camera, Zenec touch screen display with digital radio, hands-free and satnav, convenience is provided into every 747 as standard.

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